Our History and Who We Are

Neighborhood Network for Seniors is the Living At Home/Block Nurse Program serving the Merriam Park, Summit University, Lex-Ham, Snelling Hamline and Macalester-Groveland (north of St. Clair Ave) neighborhoods by linking seniors to neighbors and services that can help them live safely at home. We provide no-cost services for people over the age of 65 and their families and friends. Incorporated in 1992 as the Merriam Park Living At Home/Block Nurse Program, we have grown to serve all of St. Paul's planning Districts 8 and 13 and the northern part of District 14. We strive to be the one call seniors and caregivers make to find resources to help them maintain or regain their independence. Check out our service area map.

The Neighborhood Network for Seniors is part of a network of local programs that mobilize and coordinate community volunteers and health professionals to help their older neighbors stay in the homes they love. By alleviating barriers to service, helping seniors prevent as well as manage illness, and coordinating and simplifying care, Living At Home/Block Nurse Programs prevent and delay nursing home admissions for hundreds of seniors each year. This saves the taxpayers of Minnesota millions of dollars. It helps to keep our communities whole, and it allows frail seniors the opportunity to continue to contribute to their community.

We are funded through the generous support of: The City of St. Paul, The Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, The MN Department of Health, The MN Department of Human Services, Ramsey County, the Hardenbergh Foundation, the Steven’s Square Foundation, the Otto Bremer Trust, the Public Welfare Foundation, the High Winds Fund, private grants and contributions, and individual donors.