hamm clinic

A non-profit mental health resource whose services include outpatient psychiatric care and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and group; common problems include anxiety, depression, couple and family difficulties, low self-esteem, relationship issues, and other inner conflicts which may be impacting a person’s emotional health and quality of life.  Length of treatment depends on the person’s needs and circumstances.

Sliding fee based on ability to pay under annual household income and number of dependents.



leap for seniors

Depression and prolonged sadness are not a part of healthy aging. Affordable in-home support resource. Outreach workers work with you in your home to improve wellness and set goals.


senior recovery program

Senior Recovery Program was the first senior specific treatment program in the country, and is the only alcohol and chemical dependency program exclusively for seniors in the Twin Cities that conforms to the landmark federal treatment protocols for "Substance Abuse Among Older Adults."



Macalester/Groveland Area

Clinical counseling individuals and couples, including retirement-age transitions.


shannon staiger, ma, licsw

People Incorporated offers in home mental health services to clients 55 and over who are unable/unwilling to access mental health resources in the community. Many commercial insurance plans and health management organizations cover these services.

2120 Park Ave., Minneapolis


stark mental clinic

55+ day treatment program. Provides the foundation you need to resume a healthy life. We provide treatment to people experiencing mental health symptoms for the first time or those with a longer history of mental illness. Groups meet twice each week for four hours each day. Customized treatment is offered in one of our five specialty treatment tracks. Please note that this is not a dementia or recreational program.


U of M Medical Center

Provides a variety of services: senior-specific psychiatry, in-home counseling by licensed therapists, group therapy related to depression, addiction, and other ailments, free consultation regarding senior mental health.


volunteers of america senior mental health at keystone