alison s., executive director

Alison started with the organization in 2017, bringing more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit organization and foundation administration.


Stacy D., Volunteers and programs director

Stacy came to Neighborhood Network for Seniors in 2017, bringing her extensive experience in Public Health, Volunteer Management, and so much more.

Maria D., Outreach nurse, RN

Maria is no stranger to block nurse programs, having worked for our program a number of years ago. She re-joined us in late 2018. In addition, she currently works at an Outreach Nurse for three metro area living at home/block nurse programs.

Gayle F. Outreach coordinator

Gayle, a long-time resident of the Summit-University neighborhood, came to Neighborhood Network for Seniors in 2017 with enthusiasm for the program, deep roots in the community, and broad connections.